Hi Janet! Thank you sososo much for such a fab week! Learnt so much in such a short space of time and had such a good time doing it! Thanks for being such an amaze teacher! Will see you at swimming on Tuesday and for the training sessions!💖x

You would have seen the boy as quickly as you could and reacted accordingly, everyone should be grateful you were in the vicinity and were able to deal with it the way you did!!! You saved that kids life, there's no other way of phrasing it, you're awesome!!! Get to Disney, have your picture taken with Mickey and remember what a brilliant person you are!!!!

You are a bloody hero!!! Those parents are going to be eternally grateful to you forever!!

I actually don't know how you did it, like honestly you are amazing I'm going to share that post tomorrow!! They must be so grateful and that most have been the scariest thing to do xxxx

Hi Janet, I just wanted to say a massive thank you for teaching us the course so well! Whilst I was on holiday, a boy started to drown in the water and I ended up having to going in and get him out, fortunately he's now absolutely fine but I know that without you being such a fantastic teacher I would have never have had the confidence to save him - so there's yet another life you've saved!! Hope you had a fantastic holiday in America! X

And proud that you are my trainer xx

Thankyou very much Janet!! You're a fab teacher I really appreciate all your help & support. So relieved, thanks again xx

Omg Janet that's amazing! You are an actual hero - I read that story his mum put up and was nearly in tears. You must feel so proud xx

Just seen all those posts this morning about that little boy!! Janet you're literally amazing, and so happy it was you who trained me!! Literally incredible xxxx

Thank you so much Jan! Have had such a good (tiring) week!! Thanks so much for your help!!
See you at work on Sunday ;) xxxx

Just want to say thank you for all the effort you put in this week! You are class!! Really enjoyed it and the arrangements for today couldn't have been better! You are a star!


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